Beyond Agile
delivering successful software in a post-agile world
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"This is the playbook every modern businessperson needs to be reading —NOW!"

Read this book if you want to succeed in this software driven world, work like the pros and make schedules as calmly dependable as predicting the rising sun. (pp. 31)

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Cathedrals use a million times less stone than a Pyramid —the difference is not material, it is knowledge

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You Will Learn

Software Cycles

tap into a natural flow of continuous energy with each turn of phase

Are We On Time?

how could anybody say firsthand, if software can’t even be seen?

Why Design Matters

design layers drive reliability, agility and overall quality of software

Evaluating Quality

unordered bug-fixing tactics results in more defects being produced

Learn why bowling has a season

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Beyond Agile

By Jesse Tayler with Alex Cone

A treasure-trove of insights and invaluable observations from two of the software industry's most successful engineers and inventors, Jesse Tayler and Alex Cone. In this book Jesse and Alex share with you the rules and the brilliant plays professionals adopt to win the next-generation software game.

Jesse Tayler

Master software architect, technical officer and App Store inventor.

Alex Cone

Super-Geek, master-level software engineer and founder of CodeFab.

Beyond Agile

Chapter Topics

Discover how a continuous pursuit of Quality provides the energy experts harness to drive the software cycle (pp. 43)
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